Monday, January 22, 2007

Another rejection

Hi there,

Interesting day today with 'I hate short trousers', in the latest chapter I have got Eddy and John charging around a Roman Fort on elephants trying to retrieve their spaceship from well armed aliens during a battle between the Ninth Legion and naked Iceni warriors in blue paint - get out of that one if I can!

Ho hum, got another rejection in the post. This one was from Marjacq scripts - just a photocopied piece of paper in the envelope.

Now, I'm not one to whinge, but the devil on my shoulder asks, "did they actually take the time to read it, or did some snotty nose office junior just open it, slip in a rejection slip and shove it in the return bag?"

Of course, the little angel on my shoulder would reply "of course they have read it, every single golden word; what are you thinking of Ian? They have a dedicated team who pick through every manuscript they get and pour over every word in case they miss the most amazing piece of writing that ever came their way. Wouldn't they just kick themselves if this piece of work went on to become a best seller, a film adaptation and printed in 20 languages."

I say - just think of all that money they have just lost the company.... shame. More for me when the book is finally in print.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Progress - Wednesday 17th January 2007

So far I have had 9 out of 9 rejections by Agents - only another 22 to try (that were listed in Writers & Artists Year Book that specialise in Children's authors anyway)

So, what I say is that it is their loss. I know; I have every faith that this book, or should I now say - these books - are going all the way to the top of the children's best seller list. Children out there just want to read them, I know they do, they just haven't had the opportunity yet. But when they do - when you do - you will see what I mean.

I am now about 3 parts of the way through the first draft of I hate shirt trousers and am enjoying and hating each part of the process. I hate not being able to get a straight run at the writing due to other commitments, such as work. I love it when the writing comes together and just spills onto the page.