Monday, July 14, 2008

New projects - new hope

Hi there,

well I haven't blogged for a bit - well, April I think, but time just flies by. I am spending every spare moment working on my new projects - I am attempting to write six books simultaneously!

That's right six! All set in the same time line, all written from a different point of view about six different characters.

It is a Fantasy saga, aimed mainly at young adults, but I think (hope?) there is quite a bit of crossover into the adult market, they are certainly books I would like to read if I was browsing the books shelf, and I think that is what makes it so much fun for me - writing a book I would like to read, and frankly, a set of books which I think are missing from the bookshelves.

The first book that I want to complete is called - Spellcaster's Apprentice and charts the apprenticeship of Kevan, his hopes, his dreams, his loves and his adventures as he frustratingly tries to learn enough magic from an aging spellcaster to enable him to save his mother and sister from the slavers that raided his village.

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that and I'll keep a more regular posting on this news blog as the saga progresses, but needless to say, I don't want to say too much now as the plot is pretty fluid at the moment.

I will start to add chapters to the web site as I begin to carve them out the paper, please feel free to comment on them, e mails via the link on the website.

I have still to send them off to Anne, my editor, who suggested that I plot them all out in the first place before writing anymore of Spellcaster - I have also written the characterisations for the six main characters (one for each book)

The thing is, although writing and editing the book will be hard, it will also be fun - it is the selling it to agents and publishers that is where the hard work starts. Wish me luck.