Monday, August 30, 2010

Now into my art

'Sunset over Polzeath'
Well, if writing wasn't enough I have now taken up art - which is why I haven't added to my news feed for a while (gosh, is it February when I last posted? Doesn't time just fly away!) and why I still haven't finished my second novel. I thought I'd try one for teens this time.

They always say the second novel is the hardest and it's true, I just dilly dally around it and make excuses why I haven't got around to finishing it yet.I also make the excuse that I want to concentrate on marketing 'Flying Shed' but then I am waiting for the 'youwriteon' people to complete their new publishing service so I can get out the 2nd edition with all the typo's gone and a new cover and everything.

It's true that authors find any excuse to put off their writing, then they don't have to get it out to try and get it published, or marketed - the reason being is that then you don't have the hurt of people rejecting it or telling you how bad it is !!

Now art on the other hand - well, that's totally different - you can do anything, and call it 'art' and someone, somewhere pay money for it. Isn't that great!
I saw a half finished drawing on a huge canvas with a few splodges of emulsion in a fine art galery a couple of weeks ago with a £7500 price tag on it - wow!

There is hope for me yet folks.....