Monday, November 26, 2007

Nearly finished book 2

OK, so nearly finished means work still in progress on first draft - I am at a bit of writers block at the moment just getting the ending right. I know where I want to be, I just have to write it and the trouble is there are so many ends that need tying up and so many subplots and twists I don't want to over complicate the issue. Still, it's good fun trying.

I have been Christmas shopping and got myself a CD of bagpipe music. I love the sound of the pipes and it reminds me so much of my holiday in the summer touring Scotland - so lets hope it gives me some inspiration to crack on and get finished.
I have now drawn up a list of agents in the US to send ' I hate baked beans' to, so watch out America, here I come !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time to send it off

Well, it's all wrapped in bubble wrap and ready to send off - that is my entry into The Times/Chicken House Children's Story competition, so wish me luck. I have sweated tears over this story over the last few weeks, editing it over and over again to get it right - with lots of help from my long suffering editor - Anne Buhrmann. (Thanks Anne)

Also, lots of help from the website community. So, a bit of a rest and then on with the next project - well, two actually. First of all to complete the next Eddie and John novel, and also to get going on my teen / adult novel called 'Spellcaster's Apprentice,'

I've also been toying with the idea of sending the work off to the USA, well, no British Agent / Publisher will take a punt on me, so what have I got to loose? And then there is also the self publish route - it's looking more and more likely. After all my names not Blunket is it? Oh yes, he bombed, someone took a punt on him, paid him loads and got stuck with a warehouse full of pulp - serves you right, I would have let you have mu book for a fraction of the advance and it would have made you at least twice the return on your investment - your loss Mr Publisher !!