Sunday, August 31, 2008

Struggling with the plot plan

Hi there,

I am working hard on the plot plan for my latest work, Spellcaster's Apprentice , the first in the Children of Aurora saga, and it's a real struggle to get the plan just so. In the past I have just written from the heart and seen where the story takes me, but as I have gone on and been helped to learn my craft I have found that working hard in the early stages on a plot plan has paid dividends when moving into the main writing of the story.

With my new project, where I am writing six books simultaneously, then getting the plot plans right is crucial. How the main characters of each book interact with each other has to be plotted now, at the outset, as when the first book is finally written and sent out to the big world then it will be almost set in stone.

I am also working on a prologue that will be the cornerstone of each book, as each book will be a stand alone, as well as an interaction with the others, then the same prologue will be used in each book to give the reader the background knowledge needed to then move straight into the book.

And all this has to be set against the background of my work life which is in a little bit of a tumultuous situation as the college that I work for is merging with 2 other colleges and none of us know how safe our jobs are, or what the future holds for us - given the best case scenario, I can get the first of the saga taken on by a publisher, who gives me a big wad of cash to write the rest pf the books and I can take a redundancy package and get on with what I like doing best, which is writing - but life doesn't actually work like that, does it?