Monday, December 19, 2011

Creating a new Young Adult novel

Having completed a first draft, the process of creating the novel has only just begun - the hardest part is the editing process - to go through the work and take out the bits that don't work and add some bits that you hope make it read well, and also to remove any bad continuity - placing the characters where they couldn't possibly have got to in such a short space of time - the ''believability factor'.
So that's where I am now with the Young Adult book with the working title 'Spellcaster's Apprentice'
Editing can also be the fun part too - half the time I can't remember writing some of it and I surprise myself with how good things are looking, and equally how bad some things appear too.
It looks like the Amazon Kindle is taking off in a big way, so look out for 'Space Ace and The Flying Shed' on Kindle over the next few weeks.