Thursday, October 30, 2008

About to be published....

Hi there,

well, it is actually about to happen, I am about to become a published author - I had every belief it would happen and now it is, and it's all thanks to the Arts Council for England, their website and their partnership with Legend Press.

It has been a mad 4 weeks as I have edited and proof read my first 'Space Ace' novel over and over again, and no mater how many times I read it through I found an error, or some part that didn't quite read properly etc.

And then there was the title. In its first incarnation the book was called 'I hate baked beans' which I thought was a catchy title, but didn't really tell you what the book was about, so now it's called 'Space Ace and The Flying Shed' which I thought was a pretty good title for and adventure story aimed at the 7 + market.

All I have to do now is come up with an affective marketing strategy.

Anyway, it should be available for purchase through all good on like booksellers such as Amazon and Waterstones by Christmas - so look out for it and go and buy it for a young person near you.