Monday, November 9, 2009

work in progress

Well doesn't time fly!

Roaming Romans is still a work in progress I am afraid - a new job and a new house have put me behind schedule - well, to be honest, VERY behind schedule, but there we are.

Still, I still have 'Flying Shed' to market and so I am going to put some effort into getting it 'off the ground' - sorry about the pun!

So, if you haven't purchased one yet - shame on you - go to Amazon and buy one, right now. It's a really good read, and that comment is from both young and old - I used to think people told fibs when they talked about books they 'could not put down'. But hey, now they are saying it about my little gem, and that sort of comment makes me walk 10ft tall, especially since these are from people who aren't family and friends.

So go on, go and buy one, you won't regret it - and if you buy one now, it will be worth a bob or two, because it is first edition. I am working and a 2nd edition, with some of the 'deliberate mistakes' taken out - so 1st editions could well turn out to be priceless in 10 years time.

So don't wait or in 10 years time, I will will there going "I told you so!"

Have fun