Friday, December 28, 2012

New Exhibition

The painting 'Becalmed' (which can be viewed in previous blog) has been chosen to hang in a new art exhibition at the Wedge Gallery in Lichfield - the gallery is situated within the Lichfield Campus of South Staffordshire College and runs throughout January.

As for my writing, I am currently working on the second edition of Space Ace and The Flying Shed, which will be released simultaneously as an eBook as well as in print. It will be published through Smashwords and Amazon KDP for the eBook, and by FeedARead for the print version.

I thought converting print to eBook would be a simple exercise, but not quite as simple as one would have hoped. It is certainly worth spending the time on doing the research, but as always there is a lot of conflicting views and opinions on the subject depending on people's own personal experiences - you pays your money and you take your chances !!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gallery Exhibition

I entered this painting called 'Beclamed' in the Staffordshire Open Art Competition run by Weston Park Gallery and I was lucky enough to have it selected to hang in the gallery for the month of August 2012, along with a selection of other amazing paintings. Unfortunately I did not win the top prize, but to be exhibited only a year after taking up a paint brush seriously is recognition in itself.

Having had my work recognised I have just completed a commission called 'Remembrance' which is a large canvass depicting a cornfield of poppies, which I am glad to say the client was very pleased with -to transfer their thoughts onto the canvass was  quite challenging and I was also extremely pleased with the results.

I am still working on a number of interesting writing projects, both for children and adult genres, which will hopefully bear fruit in the fullness of time.

I have been getting more reviews of 'Space Ace and The Flying Shed,' which is encouraging me to attempt to get it into e-book format for the Kindle - watch this space.