Thursday, December 20, 2007

New title and updated website

Hi folks - well, I haven't been having much luck with getting 'baked beans' published in the UK, so... USA here I come, and with a new name for the book:

Out goes 'I hate baked beans' and lets say a big welcome to 'Space Ace and the Mystery of the Black Craw.'

I have also updated my website accordingly - so go and have a look at, if you haven't already.

And, no, I haven't finished the 2nd book yet, it's harder than you think because I have had a bit of a layoff as I have been concentrating on other projects and to be quite frank with you, I have forgotten where I have got to. It's funny, because when I go back I just find the characters in mid action where I had left them - a bit mean really to have them hanging around waiting for me to come back and tell them how it all finishes.

I can just imagine them like on a film set as they are waiting around in their foldaway chairs with STAR written on the back, tapping their feet saying: "come on Ian, get on with it.... "